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Classic Kopitiam Drip Bags

Classic Kopitiam Drip Bags

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Kopitiam style coffee blend that we know and love. Earthy & intense when brewed on its own, smooth and chocolatey notes when served with condensed milk.

  • Coffee packed in 10 convenient drip bags, 15g per drip bag
  • No need to filter with a coffee sock, just pour hot water over according to instructions.
  • Ingredients: Ground Robusta Coffee Beans (Roasted with Sugar & Margarine), Maize.

Shipping Info

  • Shipped via Singpost Basic Package to your letterbox, from $1.00-$1.99
  • Larger orders above $30 are sent by courier with free shipping

How to Store

  • Freshest brewed within 4 weeks. Recommended to consume within 12 months.
  • Store in a cool & dry place away from sunlight to preserve freshness.
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Customer Reviews

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Darren Foo
Life changing

Ever since I got Sabana’s drip bags, I never went back. I used to queue 15 mins for Yakun’s coffee, for a whopping $3-4. Now with these bags, not only do I get to save $$, I save time!!

I’m so happy to have bought them. I’m a true Sabana convert. Thank you!! I won’t be needing this 10% as I’m all about supporting local!